has a habit of not always going as planned

You might be looking at this because you’re experiencing an issue or concern in your life at the moment that is causing you pain or distress.  Well you’re not alone — being human is incredibly tough at times.
And because there is no dress rehearsal for managing this stuff, we end up trying to cope the best we can. 

and sometimes we can feel a little
  • Disconnected from other people and hobbies
  • Eating much less or more than usual
  • Less confidence in body shape or appearance
  • Struggling with the desire to achieve things perfectly or to a very high standard
  • Feeling negative about the future
  • Worrying or feeling anxious 
  • Using other strategies to manage, such as alcohol, substances or self-harm

seeing a psychologist can help.

I offer a range of treatments that I adapt and tailor to suit your needs, whether you are looking for a brief consultation with recommendations or a more in-depth course of therapy.  You may have heard various peculiar acronyms and names for psychological therapies and so I have tried to simplify the main approaches I use here.