"Initially, I was quite apprehensive about accessing clinical psychology, but am so glad I took that first step. I felt supported and valued at every session, and Emma was patient and encouraging throughout. I now feel the 'foginess' of my unhelpful thoughts has lifted - thank you!" 

"Individualised, was at the right level and introduced new ideas, good balance between me talking and therapist talking, using techniques which work, was structured but flexible so I could tackle new problems and underlying at the same time."

"Out of 5 I think the interventions were a 5 in helping me feel better and get back on track."

"I am much closer to meeting my goals and have made wonderful progress... I am doing things that seemed impossible less than a year ago.  It has really changed my life for the better."


"Taking the steps to get some help and approach therapy is a big deal and very hard but I am so glad I’ve done it as it has already had such a positive impact on my life and I am so grateful for the help Emma had given me. I would highly recommend Emma and her approach to anyone that is considering therapy."

"It was good to be able to talk openly with Emma which helped me think about things in a completely different way. Emma made it possible for me to recognise things I never had before and think approach situations differently. I got a lot out of each and every session and found the tools that Emma gave me very useful in helping me deal with emotions when things were tough. I actually feel like my eyes have been opened up for the first time about loads of things that will make my life happier!"

"Emma is very understanding and I feel very settled around her.. I feel more confident in talking through my pain."