I run my weekly Monday daytime and Tuesday evening clinics at The Eaves, Guildford. I can also offer offer other appointments throughout the week, depending on availability.

The Eaves, Guildford

3 Paris, Parklands,
Railton Road, Guildford,
Surrey, GU2 9LX

I'm available on the phone at 07950 061 087
and on email  contact@dremmacosham.co.uk 

Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note information entered here will be sent to a password protected email address only accessible by me. I will delete any email correspondence for individuals who I do not go on to work with. Data will be processed in line with my privacy policy. 

The Eaves is a reputable practice of psychological services across three bases in Surrey.  The Guildford branch is the newest clinic, boasting an immaculate suite of consultation rooms in an accessible part of the town. 

There is ample, free-of-charge car parking nearby.

Further information about The Eaves can be found here

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